Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies

The FinTech Disruption

Summer course at the University of Cantabria

July 14 and 15, 2016


"Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies: the FinTech Disruption" is the first summer course on Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies organized at a public Spanish university. The students in this course will acquire the basic knowledge to enter the world of cryptocurrencies, and, in particular, of Bitcoin. The course will also explore the basic features of Blockchain systems and the possible applications of this new technology.


The course consists of 4 theoretic modules:

  1. History of electronic money (day 1);
  2. Fundamentals of Bitcoin (day 1);
  3. Introduction to Blockchain (day 2);
  4. The Bitcoin ecosystem (day 2);
and two practical workshops:
  1. Operating with Bitcoin (day 1);
  2. Exploring the Bitcoin ecosystem (day 2).

Target audience

The course is aimed at professionals in the technology and / or financial sectors, entrepreneurs, students of any discipline and, in general, anyone interested in learning the basics of this technology and the opportunities it offers. As this is an introductory course, no specific knowledge is required.

Practical information


July 14 and 15, 2016


Aula 9 of the Law Faculty.
University of Cantabria.
Avda. Los Castros, s/n. Santander.


10 hours


The course includes 7 hours of classes. More details in the schedule


In the workshops we will learn to perform our first transactions with Bitcoin. Must bring a smartphone, tablet or laptop


The classes will be taught in Spanish



Enrollment is handled through the web site of the University of Cantabria Summer Courses (Spanish):

Registration period: May 13 till July 13, 2016.


The company SofCloudIt if offering 5 scholarships to graduate and postgraduate students in Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics.

To apply, email your motivation letter together with your Curriculum Vitae before July 1st (included) to

Registration period: May 13 till July 13, 2016

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Day one

We will learn the role of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin in the history of electronic money, and its relationship to traditional currencies. We will get to know the fundamental protocol that allows to exchange value digitally through Bitcoin. We will study the work of Bitcoin miners and the role of cryptography to guarantee the authenticity of all transactions. In the workshop we will learn to use Bitcoin in practice on a mobile device or computer.


Lecture The evolution of the monetary system

Lecture Introduction to Bitcoin


Lecture Fundamentals of Bitcoin

Lecture Bitcoin mining: the digital gold rush


Workshop Operating with Bitcoin

Finishes at 16:45.

Day two

We will study the details of the Blockchain technology and see how it can be used for digital, secure and transparent exchange of value and information. The workshop will review some of the more advanced applications of Bitcoin and blockchains, and we will finish the course with an overview of current Blockchain technologies and their future applications.

LEcture Blockchain: Technical aspects

Lecture Development of Blockchain-based software

Frameworks for developing Blockchain-based apps.


Workshop Exploring the Bitcoin ecosystem

Lecture Overview of the Bitcoin ecosystem

Delivery of diplomas

Finishes at 14:45.


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